Bianca is passionate about helping people feel their very best! In her experience, paying attention to the needs of mind, body AND heart are essential to living our most healthy, upliting & WELL life.

The Bianca & Co health and healing coaching sessions are designed to help give you the tools to break through limiting self beliefs and live a more uplifting, healthy and abundant life! Sessions are available both in person and online.

MIND > Mindset Coaching

‘The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.’

– William James

Mindset Coaching:

  • breakthrough the fears that are holding you back from living the life that you truly desire
  • discover ways to shift your mindset to help shift your overall energy on a daily basis
  • identify your highest values, priorities and desires.
  • breakdown limiting self beliefs to create space for the life that you desire and deserve.
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BODY > Movement

‘Using your body to free your mind. That’s the blessing bestowed by movement, by action.’

– Marty Rubin


One of the most effective ways to shift your energy is through movement and connecting with your body. Bianca’s classes specialise in yoga but each class is tailored to your ever changing needs.  Bianca often combines yoga (both restorative, flow and Bikram style) with pilates and meditation.

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‘Man is made so that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish.’

– Jean De La Fontaine


Such an important aspect of life that is unfortunately so often over looked – connection to heat and living a more heart based life.

  • Connecting back to your intuitive self
  • What are your passions and desires?
  • What do you wish to bring to the world?
  • What are the deepest desires of your heart and how can we create a plan to make sure that is reflected in your daily life?
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