Changing your mindset + energy from LACK to ABUNDANCE…

In times of crisis, especially the ones that impact the population on a global level and ones that seem to inflict such an enormous impact of every area of life, it’s very common to become swept up in feelings of fear, anxiety and isolation, to say the least. At this point in time, so many of us are dealing with and/or trying to make sense of the loss of our job, the uncertainty of our living arrangements, the deep concern for our health and the health/safety of our loved ones, the future of our children and world… the list goes on! 

For so many of us, we naturally want to know absolutely EVERYTHING and deeply fear uncertain times. We THRIVE on the knowing, planning and the thinking that we are in control and rarely step back and sit with the uncertainty and the ‘not knowing’. What many of us don’t always realise is that this uncertainty is the universe’s (harsh?!) way of really, truly testing our TRUST and FAITH – in ourself and the world around us. And in addition, urging us to recognise and drawn upon everything that is already within and around us – the beautiful things that we commonly overlook.

These days that we are currently living, right in the midst of a pandemic, can feel truly scary at times, there is no denying that.  However, we can each practice shifting our focus on the light, the learning and the lessons that can be embraced during this time. I am not suggesting that we embrace a one sided, positive thinking approach that totally dismisses the crisis and challenge that we sometimes feel and face, however, I have personally found it incredibly helpful and uplifting to acknowledge that darkness and light co-exist and how we can align our thinking and feeling in a similar way. During times when we are experiencing crisis and chaos, we can practice taking into account a more plentiful outlook and focus on a more uplifting experience.

Remember, the universe IS an infinite source of abundance, we just need to recognise this and raise our thoughts and energy from lack and worry to abundance and blessings. I have personally experienced the loss of a job that I love and a business that I have worked hard to keep thriving over the past 6 years, so my heart goes out to anyone who is experiencing similar situations. Despite this, I am using this time as an opportunity to reflect, reset, restructure, reevaluate and REST. Although times feel uncertain, I personally prefer to be living and operating in a way that feels hopeful and joyful, rather than living day in and day out in scarcity and defeat.

At the end of the day, we can each choose how we feel and what learnings we wish to take from each experience. We are each, in fact, incredibly powerful, especially when we are able to shift our thinking and energy, in a way that works in our favour.

Consider the following ~ 

In times of uncertainty, perhaps the universe is inviting us to TRUST, DEEPLY TRUST in the unknown; in all that we cannot see. 

AFFIRM ~ I leap into the unknown and deeply trust that I am supported. 

ACTION ~ Focus on letting go on what you cannot control and shift your focus on what you are able to control. 

In times of what feels like external chaos and destruction, perhaps we are being guided to STOP and surrender to all that we cannot control. This is the perfect opportunity to focus our attention on connecting back to ourself and the infinite wisdom that is ever present within each of us. 

AFFIRM ~ I am easily able to tap into my internal wisdom and joy. 

ACTION ~ focus on letting go on what you cannot control and shift your focus on what you are able to control. Connect back inward, to yourself, through deep breathing and meditation.

In times when we feel isolated and alone, perhaps we are being encouraged to connect to our nearest and dearest, ask for help and extend our kindness love and support. 

AFFIRM ~ I am always surrounded by love, kindness and support. 

ACTION ~ check in with your nearest and dearest. Reach out to someone you trust if you are feeling isolated or alone. 

In times when we feel that we are losing or lacking, perhaps this is an invitation to appreciate the abundance that is ever present, within us and around us. 

AFFIRM ~ I live a prosperous life full of riches and blessings. 

ACTION ~ keep a daily journal of all of the blessing and abundance that you recognise. 

Remember, light and darkness always co exist. We may not like or appreciate what is happening around us, however, by focusing on the light, we can provide ourself with a more hopeful, joyful and abundant outlook and experience.

Right now is the perfect time to recognise and give thanks for the abundance that Is always within us and around us, give ourself (and the earth) the rest and reset that we all so desperately need, extend our kindness to the world around us and TRUST that there is alway a higher guidance, a very intelligent higher guidance, working in our favour. 

The truth is, no person in this life can build strength and resilience without a challenge. We may not love the challenges we face, however, we will one day love the person we become because of them.

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