Despite it all, she continued…

And despite it all, she continued…

She continued because she mustered up enough courage to use her setbacks as the fuel that fire her passions + purpose. Although the setbacks tested her faith, she chose to use them to propel her closer to her dreams. (her COURAGE was cultivated through her setbacks)

She continued because despite her doubts, she knows, deep in her soul, that she has something unique + special to offer the world (her INTUITION is one of her greatest gifts)

She continued because she honours the fact that life can be a VERY wild ride of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, harmony and disharmony. Therefore, she trusts that life is always perfectly balanced and in a constant state of change/transformation. (her acceptance that life wasn’t always smooth sailing helped her SURRENDER to life)

She continued because she wholeheartedly trusts that there is a divine, intelligent system working behind the scenes of life for her highest good. (Her TRUST in the divinity of the universe is ever present)

She continued because her sensitive soul intuitively felt that leaning into her fears and acknowledging them was a necessary part of her growth. And although she sometimes felt stuck in her fears, she trusted that they could also be one of her greatest teachers. (Her fears help her break through some of her biggest obstacles

She continued because she finally understands, deep in her heart, that the things that almost broke her have offer her the chance to truly heal. Although the healing process can be painful, she knows it’s the perfect opportunity to give herself some care and kindness. (Her deepest wounds have helped her build a fierce resilience)

She continued, although she was exhausted, because she finally discovered that life was desperately urging her to establish some boundaries to protect her energy. (Her energy is sacred and requires restoration

She continued because she wanted to be a source of strength to everyone around her (her CARE and dedication to the world around her is one of her highest values.) 

She continued because not continuing would mean that she misses out on all of the growth, experiences and lessons that she desperately needs in this life time, on a heart and soul level. (continuing is her only option because she finally believes in herself

Despite it all, she continued.

Continue to continue. 

This world needs you! 

Love Bianca

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