How Our Greatest Fears Can Help us Thrive

When you think about your life dream, dream life or most desired life, what exactly comes to mind? Does your life currently reflect your dreams?

If not, why?

Be really honest with yourself here… what’s REALLY stopping you from creating + living your life dream? 

For most of us, it’s various F E A R S that can paralyse + prevent us from taking the necessary steps in the direction of our dreams. These dreams seem out of reach, too far away and absolutely impossible, right? 

Your thought pattern may even reflect something like this ~

~ I don’t have enough time

~ I don’t have enough resources

~ I don’t have enough money

~ My work isn’t good enough

~ I don’t have the knowledge

If any of these things sound familiar to you, then it is highly likely that you are caught up in a mindset of LACK. And in my experience, staying in a mindset of LACK is kind of like digging yourself into a dark hole! (nothing productive or uplifting happens in the dark hole!). Further, both lack and fear are best friends when it comes to digging that hole.

Let me tell you this ~

SELF PERCEPTION is EVERYTHING when it comes to living your most desired life. The way we see ourself and all that we are capable of achieving will directly influence every experience and relationship in our life. It is ALWAYS WORTH asking and reflecting on these important questions ~

how do you see yourself?

Who are you?

What do you like about yourself?

What do you wish to bring to the world and why?

If these ‘self’ questions make you cringe, then it’s probably time to practice some deep self loving!

For the most part, I deeply believe that there is something MORE that we all wish to bring to the world and something more that we all have to offer the world. When I say ‘something more’, what I really mean is, most of us have a deep, burning desire to pursue our truest life dreams, but perhaps we feel STUCK, at times and are not sure how to bring our dreams to life.  Therefore, sometimes we settle for what feels most comfortable and familiar.

For so many people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with (and in my own experience), the most commons fears that we have that can prevent us from building a life that feels truly fulfilling include:

~ the fear of not feeling good enough
~ the fear that I will fail 
~ the fear to speak my truth
~ the fear that others won’t accept me 
~ the fear that I don’t have enough knowledge
~ the fear that I don’t have enough money/resources
~ the fear that I don’t have enough time
~ the fear that I’m not worthy of success. 

Do any of these sound and feel familiar to you?

If yes, the first step to unpacking this is to ASK YOURSELF ~

how can I use my fears to my advantage and create something extraordinary? 

Read it again…. and again… and again… !

The truth is that as humans on this earth, we all have fears! So know and trust that you are not alone. What so many of us don’t know (yet!) is that these fears can teach us soooo much about ourself and greatly help our self expansion + evolution.

IF and only IF we can muster up the courage to acknowledge our fears and use them to our advantage. We must be willing to do the self work in order to help shift our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and energy.

For example, in times that we are feeling afraid and in despair, we can try asking ourself ~ 

~ what benefits can I gain from my fears?
~ what can they teach me?
~ what can go right in this situation? 
~ how can I create something extraordinary from this experience?

Asking ourself these simple questions can help shift our mindset, energy and our overall experience. 

I know it’s not always easy, because we can naturally turn away from things that frighten us the most and are drawn to the things that make us feel most comfortable. Also, I understand that there are things like grief and loss that are incredibly hard to experience, BUT, I want you to know that great shifts are possible if you are willing to do the self reflection and unpack all of the ‘uncomfortable’ things.

If we can start by asking ourself these important questions, we have more of a chance to learn, grow, evolve and evenutally create our life dream. 

I feel that some of the biggest life problems can arise when we allow our fears to dominate our thoughts + mindset and therefore, keep us stuck and stagnant, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

But guess what?


They have simply come to the surface to help guide you and help facilitate your self growth.

When we have the tools and practice thinking and feeling from a space of LOVE + abundance, rather than LACK + fear, we can change our life experiences, in a very profound way.

It takes practice and the courage + awareness to notice and ask yourself the necessary questions. 

Are you going to allow your fears to keep you stuck?

OR are you going to use them to your advantage to begin creating your dream life? We all have the choice and power to shift our own thoughts + energy and completely change our overall experience.

So, muster up the courage today to ask yourself the above questions and then reach out to someone who can assist you in all of the unpacking and energy shifting, until you have the tools to do this on your own.

Message of the day ~ You hold the power to create your own beautiful experiences! 

With so much love,


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