Custom Candles & Jewellery

Bianca & Co create unique, custom made candles, crystal jewellery and supply beautiful, healing crystals.

Each beautiful candle is created with natural BEESOY wax (toxic free!) and natural cotton/wooden wicks. One of the best things about these candles is that they are custom made (choose your favourite candle scent & vessel!) and nothing is made in bulk! Each candle is hand poured and created with great care and attention to detail.

In addition, Bianca & Co offer a wide variety of health & healing services, specifically, yoga classes and mind, body, heart coaching sessions.

Health & Healing Coaching

Bianca Donateo

  • Creator of Bianca & Co.

Bianca has spent the past 9 years running her family owned yoga & pilates studio in Melbourne. Bianca is passionate about helping people feel their very best and now has over 10 years experience teaching yoga (Bikram Yoga, yin yoga, pilates and most recently pre/post natal yoga) as she herself has experienced the amazing healing benefits that come with a consistent yoga practice. In addition, Bianca also offers mind/body/heart (health & healing) coaching sessions, which are designed to help individuals implement sustainable health routines, break through limiting self beliefs and create a more enjoyable lifestyle!

Over the past few years, Bianca has put her time and energy into her creative passion projects and has naturally built successful candle and jewellery collections. All of Bianca’s products are customised and are created with care and attention to detail!

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‘Bianca’s yoga sessions have helped me not only overcome physical limitations but also made me realise how my negative thought patterns were limiting my physical body. Bianca’s gentle approach and her very obvious passion for her yoga practice have made me feel confident, comfortable and at total ease’


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