How to shift your energy to create a more uplifting experience…

Declaring our deepest desires to the universe in hope of manifesting all of these desires into our life involves sooooo much more than just repeating or writing lovely affirmations. Beautiful words and affirming phrases can feel momentarily uplifting BUT it’s always important to consider whether or not our energy and vibration is in alignment with our words/actions. It’s always worth digging a little deeper to create powerful shifts in our overall vibration and to align our words with our actions/energy.

Are you someone who (be honest with yourself!) – 

~ constantly seeks a one sided experience and then always feels ‘let down’ when the opposite occurs. (for example, do you find yourself wanting only ‘happy’ moments in your life and people who support you?) 

~ has trouble receiving things that will benefit your experience/life, for example, compliments, gifts, rewards, money, energy. 

~ is always putting the needs of others before your own. 

There was a time in my life when I deeply believed that the more I over extended myself and the more I always tried to make the very best of a situation (without acknowledging the hurts and pain too), the more uplifted I would feel. 

But let me tell you this ~ both can be the quickest road to both depletion (physically and energetically) and resentment!

After doing lots of self work, deep reflecting and working with various healers, what I realised about myself was that I had MASSIVE energy blocks around my ability to receive. Even my dear kinesiologist once said to me, ‘you’re not even allowing me to help shift your energy!’.

My realisation around my ability to receive actually helped to discover how soooo many of my life experiences were constantly urging me to –

~ accept help

~ ask for help

~ honour myself …. 

… just as much as I was offering help, over extending myself and honouring everyone else!

Something that has been a complete game changer for me and has helped me work through so many obstacles in my work and personal life has been working on my ability to receive….

(i still work on this, daily) … 

~ receiving rewards for my work

~ gracefully accepting thanks for my time, energy and work.

~ putting a fair monetary value on my work

~ allowing people to help me 

~ acknowledging the gifts that I have to give the world 

And also, being able to ask others for help and accepting that help without feeling the need to then reward those people, in a very epic way for helping me! 

In my experience, the truth is this ~ if you are unable to wholeheartedly receive, then you will BLOCK all that you desire from entering your life. (read it again!)

 What I really want you to know is this ~

You have the power that draw in everything that you deeply desire in this life. BUT, know this – it’s not enough to throw a few magic words out into the universe and hope to instantly have your perfect life. (sorry to burst your happiness bubble!)

Whilst affirmations and declaring our desires to the universe are a lovely ritual (i absolutely love them!), there are sooo many other more effective things that we can also do to help completely shift our energy. 

The truth is, if our words are uplifting but our energy and deepest beliefs are full on fear, we can end up blocking beautiful things from flowing into our life.  If we don’t TRULY BELIEVE that we are worthy of receiving the things that we truly desire, it’s highly likely that we will never receive them.

First and foremost, it is always worth remembering that we are ALWAYS co-creating with the universe! So, we must also intentionally work hard and take action in the direction of our dreams AND practice deeply, deeply trusting that we are worthy of receiving alllll of the things that we wish to draw in. 

Although doubt, fear and anxiety are all part of our experiences as humans on this earth, these things can also create resistance and BLOCK all that we desire. 

When It comes to drawing in all that we desire, I always try to keep the following in mind – 

~ Declare and be crystal clear about all of the things that you desire. And I mean, CRYSTAL CLEAR! What do your dreams look like, in the finest detail? What do you wish to draw in, in the finest detail? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

~ Take small steps every day in the direction of your dreams. Dreams do not come into fruition over night. Get started today! 

~ Practice deep, deep trust in yourself, the universe and your soul journey, to help clear your fears/resistance. A great way to do this is to take up a meditation practice in order to stay connected to yourself. 

~ Honour your current situation and send loving thoughts to all of your experiences (even the painful ones, because they have shaped you, after all)

~ Spend time every day on things that are in alignment with your values. Even if it seems silly or insignificant to others.

~ Practice gracefully receiving the things that will benefit your life and acknowledge all that comes your way. 

What is it that you currently wish to draw into your life? Most importantly, do your deepest beliefs align with all that you’re asking for? 

I want you to know that you have the power to shift energy and draw in all that you desire. (and deserve!)

The question is ~ are you willing to do the self work? 

Love Bianca

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