My top 3 favourite sacred healing crystals

‘Crystals are leaving their peaceful place within the earth to guide, support and heal us. May their sacrifice not be in vain, and may we work with our crystals to return this planet to its full beauty and glory’. – Adam Barralet

Have you noticed that the things we choose to surround ourself with can have such a profound impact on the way we feel? Choosing beautiful things that we love and enjoy can help instantly UPLIFT our energy. For that reason, I felt compelled to share with you my top 3 favourite scared healing crystals and a brief idea of what they can offer you!

But really, how beautiful, in every way, are crystals! There are sooo many reasons why I surround myself with the energy of crystals. Apart from their natural beauty and uniqueness, simply admiring them, holding them or wearing them makes me feel so ABUNDANT and PROTECTED. They are, in my opinion, SOUL HEALING! In fact, I often joke with one of my dearest friends about one day having to make room in my bed for my future soul mate, as I often sleep with a pile of my favourite rocks! She often tells me that he may, very well, be second in like to the crystals!

In a more practical sense, crystals can be used to bring healing, nurturing, harmony and balance to our mind, body, heart and soul. They are also commonly used for manifesting, meditating, removing energy blockages, chakra balancing or simply for decoration and admiration!

1.The Divine Rose Quartz Crystal ~ Unconditional love, kindness, friendship, connection, beauty, harmony ~

I absolutely ADORE raw rock rose quartz because they EXUDE such a loving, nurturing, feminine, BEAUTIFUL quality. It is no surprise that they are the crystal of VENUS ~ the goddess of love and beauty. The natural raw rock rose quartz often vary in colour, from pale dusty pink to darker, rosey pink. For me, the rose quartz represent unconditional love and connection to self, beauty, balance, heart healing, kindness, femininity and nurturing. To draw in more of these things or to help heal relationships and bring more harmony/peace to your being, simply place the rose quartz on your heart and meditate on the following ~ where can I give more love? Where can I receive more love? Am I nurturing my needs? Am I allowing myself to be nurtured by others? What kind of relationships do I wish to call in? Associated astrological signs of the rose quartz ~ Libra + Taurus

Kind words for meditating with rose quartz ~ I give and receive with all of my heart. ~ I nurture myself and allow myself to be nurtured. ~ I invite loving and kind relationships into my life. ~ I invite love into my energetic and physical space ~ I am love.


2. The Stunning Aqua Aura Quartz ~ Success, Wealth, Abundance, Communication ~

The luminous, Indian Ocean BLUE Aqua Aura quartz are so striking in colour and known to be quite potent in their vibration. These quartz are created via an alchemical process where clear quartz are infused with gold, giving them the most spectacular rainbow-like shimmer. They are well known for aiding communication and also helping to calm and cleanse the auric energy field. In other words, they can help bring harmony to your energetic being. I am personally so drawn to this quartz because the stunning, sparkly BLUE colour reminds me of the Indian Ocean and the element – water. I feel instantly calm when in, around and near the ocean and I find that this quartz has such a similar affect on how I feel. The Aqua Aura quartz are known to be extremely powerful in helping to bring energy to financial wealth and success, which makes them AMAZING quartz to meditate with when trying to call in some new energy around career and monetary concerns/gains/clarity. Given that these quartz help aid communication, they are associated to the throat chakra and are therefore powerful to help clear blockages around speaking/honouring your truth without fear, articulating speech and getting your point across. If you struggle to verbalise your thoughts, this is the perfect quartz for you. Sometimes, when we hold back on what we want to say, we may feel physical manifestations (like tightness, sore/croaky throat) around the throat. It is no wonder the the Aqua Aura quartz is linked to the planet Mercury, which is the ruler of communication.

Kind words for meditation with Aqua Aura ~ I allow my words to flow freely ~ I allow wealth to flow into my life ~ I am abundance ~ I speak my truth without fear ~ I openly communicate the people around me ~ My aura is clear and harmonious ~


3. The Amazing Amethyst Quartz ~ Divine Guidance, Wisdom, Protection, Spiritual Expansion ~

Ranging from lavender to darker violet, the Amethyst crystals are renowned for their beauty, energy and for helping us connect to our SPIRITUAL WISDOM or our HIGHER SELF. The Amethyst crystals have been used throughout history and have been known for thousands of years to have enormous protective benefits. In fact, it is known that medieval soldiers wore amulets made of Amethyst to protect themselves from harm during battle – how amazing is that! I personally adore this sacred crystal for its association to the third eye chakra and the ability it can have to promote calm, focus, energy and healing. I also love sleeping with the Amethyst because they are known to facilitate meditation and dreaming. They are a beautiful crystal to meditate with if you are wanting to start a new creation or if you are in the midst of a creative process and would like to manifest a more focused energy.

Kind words for meditating with the Amethyst crystal ~ I am always divinely guided ~ I easily enhance my spiritual awareness and connection to self ~ I deeply trust my intuitive self ~ I easily release feelings of fear ~ My focus and creatively is limitless.

When is comes to choosing your crystals, always go with the ones that you feel most intuitively drawn to. Sometimes the ones that we are drawn to the most are perhaps the ones that offer the kind of energy that we need. There is no right or wrong, simply follow your intuition!

Love Bianca

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