LIMITED EDITION ~ Luxury Aqua & Gold


A stunning, limited edition teal & gold vessel.
This beautiful product will bring both exquisite aroma and a touch of glamour!

Choose your Sacred Scent ~

Bohemian Dreams ~ a full bodied Sacred Scent, with enticing earthy notes and sweet warmth. This scent is truly unmistakable as it is perfectly combined with top notes of Neroli & Sandalwood with hints of rosewood and musk. Bohemian Dreams has been inspired by classic, divine Indian incense and can definitely transform any room!

Rosey Posey ~ just like standing in a fresh rose garden in the middle of Spring. This fragrant Rosey Posey scent is fresh and floral, with a slight sweetness. Enjoy hints of bergamot, garden greens and white musk.  This Sacred Scent truly encapsulates love, femininity and harmony.

Gardenia ~ an exquisite aroma of the freshest Gardenia flower and a truly captivating Sacred Scent!

Lime, Basil & Mandarin ~ this Sacred Scent combines fresh, zesty aromas, including lime and mandarin undertones with notes of basil and herbs. Incredibly refreshing!

$44.00 AUD (Standard shipping included)

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