Luxury Black Onyx Vogue


Absolutely beautiful black onyx inspired, luxury black Vogue style with your choice of sacred scents to help inspire grounding, strength, balance.

Choose your Sacred Scent ~

White Patchouli ~ the most beautiful woody-floral scent, harmonised by fresh bergamot and white flowers including Jasmine, Rose and Amber.

Clove, Orange & Cedarleaf ~ a fresh and slightly spicy scent with beautiful hints of patchouli and hyacinth. The perfect combination of spice and floral fragrance!

Sweet Neroli & Basil ~ just like walking through a divine mediterranean garden that is lined with breathtaking Neroli blossom. Experience bursts of Basil, Rosemary and citrus with subtly infused floral notes. Simply irresistible!

Breathe Better ~ a very cool, fresh and crisp scent that is infused with eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol and a hint of lavender. This scent is perfect if you suffer some head & nose congestion. Breathe better & think clearer with this Sacred Scent

Bohemian Dreams ~ a full bodied Sacred Scent, with enticing earthy notes and sweet warmth. This scent is truly unmistakable as it is perfectly combined with top notes of Neroli & Sandalwood with hints of rosewood and musk. Bohemian Dreams has been inspired by classic, divine Indian incense and can definitely transform any room!

Italian Summer Fig ~ An intensely green and fruity aroma highlighted by freshly cut fig, bold amber with crisp green leaf.

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