Luxury Rose Pink Vogue


Inspired by the divine Rose Quartz, this beautiful style has been created to infuse love, harmony and abundance into your chosen space. The corresponding sacred scents include fragrances that are feminine, floral and simply divine!

Choose your Sacred Scent ~

Rosey Posey ~ just like standing in a fresh rose garden in the middle of Spring. This fragrant Rosey Posey scent is fresh and floral, with a slight sweetness. Enjoy hints of bergamot, garden greens and white musk.  This Sacred Scent truly encapsulates love, femininity and harmony.

Jasmine & Lily ~ lush, leafy greens with wild Lily flowers, sweet lilac, and breezy jonquil amid beautiful daisy blossom, Jasmine, blushed freesia and wild ivy. This Sacred Scent will remind you of stepping out of Winter and enjoying the renewal, change and new growth that comes with the beautiful season of Spring.

Gardenia ~ an exquisite aroma of the freshest Gardenia flower and a truly captivating Sacred Scent!

Lychee & Rose Petal ~ the freshest aroma of rose petals with a hint of lychee sweetness

Vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood ~  a warming and woody scent, with beautiful bergamot and lemon peel. This Sacred Scent is earthy, with hints of patchouli, vanilla and white musk.

Bohemian Dreams ~ a full bodied Sacred Scent, with enticing earthy notes and sweet warmth. This scent is truly unmistakable as it is perfectly combined with top notes of Neroli & Sandalwood with hints of rosewood and musk. Bohemian Dreams has been inspired by classic Indian incense and can definitely transform any room!

Italian Summer Fig ~ An intensely green and fruity aroma highlighted by freshly cut fig, bold amber with crisp green leaf.

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