Reminder: You are the universe

‘Everything amazing about the universe is inside of you, the two are inseparable’ – Carl Sagan

Did you know that everything in the universe, including each of us, is made up of energy? We are SO, SO much more than just our physical body. We are energetic beings who are each part of a larger cosmic intelligence – how incredible! I have always found it truly fascinating and beyond powerful how we are connected to something so much larger than just ourself and our physical surroundings/ our physical world.

Whenever I become stuck in fear and uncertainty, I find it very helpful to remind myself that the universe is always responding to how I am vibrating and the energy that I am putting out into the world. What I have come to realise is that we each have the power to draw in more of what we desire in this life, including more meaning, joy, love – even in what feels like the most uncertain times.

The key is being aware of the thoughts, feelings, energy and beliefs that we put out into the world and knowing how to shift things.

Despite what we may have been taught or lead to believe throughout our life, we are actually WAY more powerful than most of us ever really acknowledge. The reality is that we have been given all that we need and it is always here and available to each of us. As Glinda, the good witch from ‘the wizard of oz’ said, you’ve always had the power, you just had to learn to us it…’. Never has this resonated so deeply! Remember, we are not defined by the limitations of what we know. Bur rather, we are expanded by the things we don’t yet know.

Knowing this and truly believing this shows the universe that we acknowledge all that we are and all that we have and that we are not operating in LACK. In other words, we are willing and ready to receive.

The universe is a plentiful place that has the capacity to infinitely deliver – the key is, acknowledging exactly this, putting our deepest trust in this belief and knowing how to draw in more of what we desire. And most of all, believing before seeing.

What I have come to learn is this ~

We are each perfectly made up, however, we are ever expanding beings and are here on this earth, in this physical form, to enhance, expand and experience, for the sake of the evolution of our soul.

Calling in more of what we desire in the life involves so much more than having a positive mind set, saying uplifting affirmations and keeping ourself physically healthy. I know that there has recently been a HUGE movement mindset work and a focus on ‘the power of the mind’. Whilst I recognise that our frame of mind and thoughts are incredibly powerful, mind work is not the only thing to consider when it comes to calling in what we desire.

The work is soul deep and for some of us, requires daily self work! Examining our deepest beliefs is sooo important if we are wishing to vibrate at a more uplifting frequency. After all, the universe responds to the energy we put out into the world!

If we are vibrating fear, worry and distrust, we are essentially communicating these things to the universe and will almost always call in more experiences around fear and worry

When it comes to connecting with the universe and calling in more of what I personally desire, I consider the following and hope this might be helpful for you too ~

~ Pay attention to where you are focusing your energy. What we focus on grows, it is that simple. We can acknowledge our past experiences and use them for our growth. But, if we dwell in the past, especially past painful experiences for too long, we may end up blocking beautiful things from coming in. Focus your attention on how you want to feel, first and foremost and then consider how that looks/fits in your daily life.

~ Examine your deepest beliefs about yourself and the world. This point is HUGE and so important. For example, if we think and believe that the world is a terrible place and that it can never provide what we desire, we will most definitely vibrate in a frequency of LACK, project an energy of scarcity into the world and draw in more experiences around lack, for example, financial lack. Alternatively, when we can acknowledge that the world is infinitely abundant and appreciate all the things that we already have, we are more likely to vibrate energy of abundance and draw in more uplifting experiences. Our beliefs can be difficult to shift because most of the time, we have a lifetime of false beliefs and perceptions about ourselves, that are not even reflective of our true nature and that ultimately LIMIT us. But, the beautiful thing is that we can shift our self perceptions and deepest beliefs, once we become fully aware of them. We can essentially change our own reality and experiences.

~ Get crystal, crystal clear about what you desire and what you wish to call in, down to the finest detail. 

~ Ask the universe for signs. 

~  Trust in receiving and examine our beliefs about receiving. This is SO IMPORTANT. If you do not believe that you are worthy of receiving, you will probably not even recognise that the universe is trying to deliver your desires!

I try to remind myself daily that there IS always enough and more of everything we need and desire. 

Daily kind words to help you call in more of what you desire (note: you can write these down and repeat them out loud. I like to meditate on the words and find it helpful to really feel the words and visualise what what these things look like in my physical reality)

~ I give my attention to all that I desire 

~ There is always enough and more of what I need 

~ I am empowered

~ I have the power to call in more of what I desire

~ I am the universe 

~ My intentions, desires and needs are crystal clear. 

I know how very challenging it can be to focus on calling in what we desire and how we want to feel during times when we are actually not feeling that great. However, I know through my own experiences that when we can act in LOVE rather than react in FEAR, we set the tone for all the beautiful things that we deserve in this life.

If you would like help to examine your deepest beliefs and call in more of what you desire, please reach out! I would so LOVE to help you connect with yourself and all call in more of the abundance that you desire.

Love Bianca

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