The Gift Of Challenge

‘The truest + most profound lessons in this life are imbedded in the challenge and amongst the chaos. And are deliberately planted in the failures + frustrations… in all of your falls… and all of your perceived mistakes…’

In most cases, life doesn’t serve us with what we want in this life. Or, what we think we want. But instead, it usually delivers all that we truly NEED or require on our journey of life, to help us EVOLVE, on a heart and soul level.


Well, an example from my own experience is this ~

Some of the most heartbreaking times have helped expand my capacity to love, in a way that I never thought that was possible. (thank you, heartbreak!). However, at the time of my heartbreak (who am I kidding, It’s actually more like HEARTBREAKS), I thought that I was going to die a slow and painful death! It is time, TRUST, hindsight and LOTS OF INNER WORK that have helped me honour and appreciate how these ridiculously challenging times in my life have lead me to all of the things that are more in alignment with my personal truth. We often don’t realise how our most challenging times can serves us at the time because we can get caught up in the hoping, wishing and wanting things to BE exactly as we picture them, in our mind. OR, we become consumed by our pain and stay stuck in this space. In other words, we allow our challenges to get the better of us!


What I know now is this ~ all that we TRULY need or require to encourage our personal growth is often delivered to us in the form of challenges, frustration, difficulties, obstacles etc. In other words, all of the things that we so desperately try to avoid! 

After many of my own life challenges, I have now come to realise that it’s the most difficult, challenging situations are trying to remind us to wholeheartedly honour ourself, our needs and our values.

Perhaps we NEED to be reminded of unconditional love for ourself and others.

OR, perhaps there are things that we desperately need to acknowledge and learn to appreciate.

And sometimes there are things in our life that we need to reevaluate, question and discover. Other times, we are being urged to let go and say goodbye.

So, ask yourself this ~ are you truly fulfilled in this current space or are you just comfortable? Are you growing or are you settling? Are you using your challenges to help propel you closer to your dreams? Or are you allowing them to leave you feeling powerless?

It’s always worth reminding ourself that life is ALWAYS trying to demand our attention and remind us that we are here to LEARN, GROW and LOVE.

We are constantly being guided to be the truest version of ourself. The most valuable lessons are learnt from experiencing some challenge, frustrations and what feels like ‘uphill battles’. Because when you really think about it, personal growth is never born from the comfortable and familiar. And really, how very boring is a stagnant and linear life? In all truth, we NEED challenges to help us THRIVE, on a heart and soul level.

I have noticed that life will keep serving us challenge and what we feel to be ‘impossible situations’ until we can really, truly acknowledge, accept and give thanks for our current experiences and situation. AND honour + trust all of the challenges that come our way.

So, pay attention and take note… !

Are there any recurring situations, experiences or people that you continuously find challenging? I have learnt (after so many lessons!) that anything we run away from or avoid, we end up eventually running into, head first! In other words, no matter where you go, or how much you continue to avoid or deny your life circumstances, they will have a way of intercepting your life. Because life is trying so desperately to teach you something… something that can only really be learnt this way, under these exact circumstances and at this exact point in time. (how annoying… but necessary!)  

 Most of the time, all of the frustrations, challenges and even annoying people that you come across have been delivered to you as a magnificent gift, 

A blessing in disguise

to offer you the chance to learn more about yourself, your boundaries, your strength and resilience.

AND to offer you the chance to break through any limitations that you place upon yourself. And most importantly, to show you how strong you are. Time and hindsight will always offer more light and wisdom.

 No matter what you are currently going through…

keep persisting,

keep persisting…

keep persisting! 

You may not know this yet, but there really is so much greatness imbedded in your perceived hardships. I know this can feel impossible believe, especially when you are in the midst of what feels like your darkest days. BUT, have some faith in this ~ the truest and most valuable lessons in this life are imbedded in the challenge and amongst the chaos.

And are deliberately planted in the failures and frustrations.

In all of your falls. And all of your perceived mistakes. 

Always remember that your faith, trust and certainty are some of your greatest gifts… so use them to your advantage!

Rather than resisting all of the ‘uncomfortable’ things, practice allowing these things to guide you!

And always ask yourself…. 

‘how can I create something extraordinary from this experience?’

Every Woman Kind Words: Every single challenge that I face has been delivered to me as a CHANCE to grow, love and heal.   

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