When you feel like giving up, please remember this…

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, that’s for sure. The reality is that life will throw us all sorts of annoying, challenging and testing curve balls. Sometimes, it can feel as though we are getting slammed from every direction and consequently we can feel as though we are experiencing relentless pain and pressure. When will it ever end?

In times like this, it is common to feel the need to pack up our bags and leave it all behind. Sometimes it seems that the harder we try, the harder things get. In these times, what are we supposed to do and how do we battle our worry filled nights and anxious fuelled days? We may even think to ourself, ‘what is the point???’.

I have personally had several of these moments, particularly in the past 18 months. Let me tell you, this ‘what’s the point’ attitude is a downward spiral. I have, over time taught myself to completely STOP and TRUST my life plan because although I can become extremely fed up with challenge after challenge, deep down I KNOW that the universe delivers exactly what we can handle. Placing my trust in my life plan is an absolute work in progress that takes daily practice.

If you are struggling to see any light in your current, very challenging situation, I’m here to tell you to hang in there because it WILL, eventually, get better, even if you can’t see the light right now. There is always sun after the rain. I say it all the time, lightness and darkness always co-exist, even though when times are tough it may feel like we are only ever experiencing the one sided darkness. Chaos is so powerful and can feel extremely consuming, BUT the chaos does eventually pass, if we don’t allow it to get the better of us.  

 After experiencing a particularly chaos fuelled, challenging to my very core, past 18 months and having many, many moments of wanting to give up, I want you to remember this ~

When you feel like giving up, remember that your feelings are totally valid and you don’t have to feel shame or embarrassment for the way you feel. You may feel like you are being dramatic, but, guess what – life IS sometimes dramatic! Your feelings are real, but also, they are fleeting too and they don’t in any way, shape or form define you or your future. We each perceive and experience things in our own unique way. Your best friends and family may look like they are cruising through life but the reality is that we all experience ups and downs in this life.  It is common for our faith to be tested and this is where we need to trust it the most. Just know that your feelings are valid. 

When you feel like giving up, remember that you have the power to be and choose how you want your life to look and feel. Trust me, I know that there are external forces that greatly affect us and are out of our control, like the death of a loved one, an unexpected relationship breakdown or the loss of a job. However, we all have the ability to muster up our strength and empower ourself by focusing on what we can control. If we can practice directing our energy on solutions, this can help us from dwelling in our problems for too long. When we can deliberately shift our thinking to a more solution based outlook, we are more likely to shift our energy and perceptions. You always have the power of choice.

When you feel like giving up, remind yourself that your deepest fears are often your greatest teacher. We can allow our fears to frighten us (keep us stuck) or fuel us (propel us forward, into a more productive reality). Sure, it is easier said, I get it, I really do. But, at the end of the day, if we can deliberately practice catching ourself in our tracks and stepping into our fears, rather than running from them, we can then end up using our fears for our greater good and consequently, feel less like giving up and more like moving forward. We can create a sense of self freedom by stepping into our fears. Doing this will never be easy, but let me tell you, it will massively facilitate your confidence and growth.

When you feel like giving up, remember that you were deliberately created by a higher power and are needed in this world – HOW INCREDIBLE! In other words, you are meant to be here, on this earth and living this life. Your soul chose this life, long ago. You are a capable, expansive loved being. You are needed in this world. There is no one in this world like you. End of story.

When you feel like giving up, please remember that you are BEYOND WORTHY. You are worthy of the same care that you willingly, generously and selflessly extend to others. You are worthy of living the life that you dream of living. You are worthy, despite any of your perceived failures. You are worthy, despite what you have or have not accomplished or achieved in this life.

When you feel like giving up, remember your purpose, cause and beliefs. When we come back to focusing on the WHY, we are able to offer ourself some renewed inspiration. Why am I running this business? Why am I pursing this career? Asking yourself such simple questions can instantly shift and uplift your mood, energy and inspiration.

When you feel like giving up, remember that there are people who love you, care about you and are here to support you. Sometimes we are reluctant to reach out to people that are close to us because we don’t like to burden others with our problems. However, the people who love you will never consider you a burden. 

When you feeling like giving up, know that it is perfectly acceptable to TAKE A REST. In my opinion, we all need more rest. It is very difficult to create, engage and be at our best if we are in a constant state or stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. In my opinion, nothing productive can be born from stress and survival mode. When we spend our days rushing around, we become mindless. It is truly amazing how a simple break from our normal routine can create some ease, on a mind, body and soul level. Your rest time doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive (although it definitely can be, if that’s your forte!). In fact, I know that a simple 10 minute meditation can create some calm, clarity and ease. No one is going to do it for you and it really does make a difference to your state of mind when we are rested. Find the things that make you feel restored and take regular restoration time.

When you feel like giving up, remember that it is perfectly fine and completely healthy to have a melt down. Releasing emotions can release a great amount of stress. Let it out and let it go!

When you can no longer see or feel what hope looks like, please remember that you are never alone.

Remember, it’s darkness before dawn.

The darkness is lifting and a new beginning is dawning.

Turn your face to the LIGHT and TRUST that you will get through this.

Love Bianca

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