Why I choose to pay attention to the voice of my heart…

I made a promise to myself this year to really, truly, deeply honour myself, my values, my needs and help others do the same. And, not only honouring our more superficial needs, but more importantly, honouring our needs and desires, on a heart level.  

It might sound a little bit corny, I know.

But, what I have come to realise, for me, is that there really is no other way! 

It’s so common to hear phases such as ‘just follow your heart’ and ‘trust your gut..’  etc., etc, etc..  

But, what does this all really mean?

And, is it really as ‘easy’ as it sounds, to ‘just follow your heart’? 

It may not make much sense (or any sense) to others, but, what I know from my own experience is this –

Living a life that is in alignment with my personal truth makes me feel more at ease and in flow with life. Spending time with people who really ‘get me’, on a heart level is EVERYTHING when it comes to living a life that feels fulfilling. AND, creating a work environment that feels deeply meaningful and adds purpose to my life is equally important. 

When something doesn’t feel quite right, I am now able to TRUST that feeling, without question, because I KNOW that this feeling comes from a deeper layer of myself – my intuitive self – my truest self. 

But, what I have come to learn about living a heart based life is that there is sometimes a bit of chaos before the calm. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds. Outside noise, beliefs and projections of those around us, as well as societal pressures/norms and our own perceptions and experiences can all dilute, drown out and weaken that voice of our heart.  

But, of course, we are each all responsible for our experiences and the way we choose to live our life. However, if we wish to live a life and create experiences that FEEL deeply fulfilling, there is SO MUCH value in tuning in to our deepest self and ask our heart what it really wants and what it deeply needs.

My own reality has proven this – 

It takes DAILY practice to do exactly this.


Connecting with myself… daily.

Choosing feeling over thinking, for the most part… daily. 

Asking myself what I really need… daily.

Honouring my needs… daily. 

I have found that the same thing applies to loving relationships. I often cringe when I hear people say ~  ‘the right relationships should be easy..’ 

What I know from my own experience is that the most heartfelt relationships I have experienced have never been ‘easy’, as such. They have required deep, mutual understanding, constant and clear communication and a hell of a lot of patience. 

It’s not always easy to live a live that reflects the desires of our heart because most of the time, the heart is not ‘rational’ and as humans on this earth, we absolutely love finding the logic and reason for EVERYTHING. The truth is that there is not much sense in all that we feel. (how annoying, right)  And guess what? It is meant to be that way! We are not really meant to ‘make sense’ of it. (so, quit trying so hard to!!)

When it comes to matters of the heart, we are encouraged to surrender and allow ourselves to FEEL, without making ‘sense’ of the things and people we love. 

This is a constant lesson for me and so many other people who I’ve been lucky enough to work with. It takes a hell of a lot of courage to live a life that truly reflects our hearts desires. 

Gosh, it’s so scary putting our heart ‘on the line’ or going against the tide and living in a way that is reflective of our heart and soul.  

BUT, the consequences of not doing so can mean that –

~ we may end up walking away from the love of our life

~ we suppress all of the truly amazing things that our heart and soul are URGING us to express. 

~ we end up living a somewhat uninspiring life. 

~ we end up living a very rational, linear life 

~ we greatly hinder our personal, spiritual, emotional growth. 

All in all, we greatly do ourself and the world a great disservice by not living a life that expresses the gifts of our heart. 

So, how can we really put this into practice? 

Here is what I have come to learn ~

The first step to really, truly, honouring my needs, values and desires, on a heart level, was to identify exactly what has not/ does not serve me and/or add meaning to my life. 

The following stood out the most ~ 

~ People Pleasing

~ Saying ‘yes’ when I really want to say ‘no’ 

~ Listening to external voices at the expense of my inner voice 

~ Spending time with people who drain my energy

~ Apologising for not ‘doing enough’ or ‘being enough’ 

~ Spending time on the ‘should do’s’ rather than on the things that I value most.  

If any of these things sound familiar and really resonate for you and your experiences, then it may be an indication that it’s time to TUNE IN and honour your needs and values, on a heart level. This may be just the reminder that you need! 

This is what I try to remind myself of daily and hope it might help you too  ~ 

Life is incredibly, incredibly fleeting. We are each only given a limited time on this earth, in this life and in this physical body. We are each here for a reason and we each have many gifts to offer the world. 

If only we could just TRUST, fully TRUST AND EXPRESS the deepest gifts of our heart and soul, right?

Consider this ~

If you were to die tomorrow, would the people that you deeply love and care about know how you feel about them? 

Would you have done some/all of the things that you really want to do?

Would you have started that dream project that you always wished to create?

Why wait till the end of your life to express your love and gifts? 

Here is a message from me to you – 

If there is something that you have a burning desire to create – GET STARTED. You were given these beautiful, creative ideas for a reason. These amazing gifts are an expression of your soul and were made to come through you. Some of my greatest projects have come to life because I have invested my time, on a daily basis, to working on it. Take just the smallest step today!

If there is someone that you love and miss – tell them, show them – challenge yourself to take that leap now – even if it feels scary. In all truth, sharing your love with others is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. (i know just how scary that can feel, but it’s always worth it)

If your current situation is feeling very mediocre and exhausting – muster up the courage to change direction – it is never, ever too late to start over… because you truly deserve to be living a life that feels fulfilling, on a heart level. What does your heart want and need right now?  

I know it’s not always easy to face our own self and our deepest feelings and fears. I also know that when we are not living and loving straight from our heart we greatly limit ourself from living a life that is in alignment with our truth AND alllllllllll of the experiences and growth that come with that. 

Get started today and give yourself the chance…

the very best chance..

to be and have all that your heart desires. 

And as I always remind myself ~ tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. 

So quit battling with the voice of your heart!

What are you waiting for?

Love Bianca

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